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PuTTY 0.53B

PuTTY is a freeware SSH client, that is a secure replacement for insecure Telnet, for Windows. Rietta Solutions has tested PuTTY 0.53B under Windows 2000 and XP and found it to work correctly.

Users who need to use platforms other than Windows may be interested in JavaSSH, which runs on any machine with Java.

PuTTY Screen Shots

This screenshot was taken of PuTTY running under Windows XP.

Putty in Use in Windows XP

Installation Instructions

Downloading and installing Putty is pretty easy. Simply download and execute the installer. Once the installation is complete you will have a Putty group under the Programs menu and also on your desktop.


Copyright & Disclaimer

PuTTY is free software and was not written nor maintained by Atlanta Networking & Computer Help, Inc. For information about this program, visit PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.

PuTTY is copyright 1997-2003 Simon Tatham.

Portions copyright Robert de Bath, Joris van Rantwijk, Delian Delchev, Andreas Schultz, Jeroen Massar, Wez Furlong, Nicolas Barry, and CORE SDI S.A.